The “Operative Sequence of a Definitive Export-Import ” is the chronological succession of operations and requirements that the seller (exporter) an the buyer (importer) carry out, in order to specify an international operation of buying and selling of goods. The commercial transaction takes place among people who live in different countries.


  • Solution 4: Customs
  • Solution 5: Transport
  • Solution 6: International Physical Distribution and Logistic
  • Solution 7: Administrative and Commercial Sequence of the Business
  • Solution 8: Tools and People





It comprises all the requirements related to the entry of goods coming from abroad, such as:
Drawing up and processing the import release in the AFIP (Federal Administration of Public Incomes)
Withdrawal  of the bill of lading from banks, freight forwarders, etc.
Releasing of goods in due time and form.
Home transport of the imports to the client’s warehouses.



It comprises all the necessary requirements to send the goods abroad, such as:
Drawing up and processing the bill of lading in the AFIP, certification of origin, among others, that a required by the destination country at the corresponding organization.
Letter of credits analysis and interpretation, in order to perform shipment instructions.
Transport coordination and follow up, to make sure the shipment arrives in the destination in due time and form.
Advising on special tariff regimes.
Documents and origin certification control before shipment.



Transport by land, sea and air transport.
Consolidation and deconsolidation.
Reception of the shipment in terminals.B
Booking in Freight Forwarders.
Follow up of the shipment real localization.
Lift services and laborers.